What is Smile Aesthetics?
Smile aesthetics, also known as smile design, is an aesthetic dentistry practice that covers and deals with different stages.

It is based on factors such as lip structure, arrangement in teeth and gums, and whitening that will be compatible with the Smile Design. In addition to the physical condition of the person, it is also possible to look at life in a more positive way and gain self-confidence within the mental structure.

In this context, smile aesthetics allows the appearance of a beautiful smile by lip and gingival level, the length of the teeth, the alignment, the color and the harmony of the lips and teeth in general.

National Aesthetics Application
While performing this treatment, gingival aesthetics, known as pink aesthetics, is also taken into consideration, along with the white aesthetic that will be performed on the teeth as its main lines. In order to achieve a beautiful smile aesthetic, a decision is made by looking at the correct level of the gums within the scope of the photograph taken. Then, the gingiva and bone structure along with the tooth are examined in detail under the radiographic and clinical procedure.

Since the main purpose here is to obtain the most suitable image for the person’s face, the gums are intervened for different purposes with the laser method. This process captures an appearance that will accurately match the person’s facial structure. Then, under the name of white aesthetics, there are many different options such as porcelain laminates and bonding applications. After the lip structure is fully determined, the person can get the chance to have a completely beautiful smile, thanks to the steps performed respectively.

Smile Aesthetics Sessions
Thanks to the applications made on both teeth, gums and lip structure, everyone can get the chance to catch that pleasant smile aesthetic image that they desire today. With the support of technology, this situation has become much easier now. Of course, there may be one or more sessions according to the parts to be treated here. The important thing here is to reveal the most pleasant smile suitable for the face structure of the person.

Let’s make your smile beautiful.