What is Aesthetic Filling?
Aesthetic filling makes the teeth look brighter and more natural. This treatment can be applied to the anterior and posterior teeth as well. Aesthetic filling is a system that has been in great demand in recent years. Filling can be applied to everyone easily thanks to technological tools.

With the development of technology, the awareness of health and aesthetics has also developed in people. People have started to give importance to their beauty with aesthetic dentistry treatment methods without gender discrimination. In this case, the number of people researching filling procedures is constantly increasing, especially due to the problems experienced in the teeth. Visually beautiful teeth not only increase people’s self-confidence, but also create a great effect as a smile design.

Due to the caries formed in the teeth, many different methods applied to date have not been able to provide the expected aesthetic appearance. Especially amalgam fillings, which were once on everyone’s lips, have begun to show interest in the teeth whitening method, since they disrupt the aesthetic appearance due to their black appearance, even though they are solid.

The bad appearance caused by amalgam fillings has made the tooth’s soundness forgettable and has created great problems for people who care about visuality. For this reason, it is tried to find the most suitable and most permanent solutions to people’s problems by developing different methods and applications every day. With the teeth whitening method, which is one of these methods, you can have white teeth in a very short time. Especially people whose teeth are very yellow and can not get results even if they brush, are very satisfied with this method. What is teeth whitening and how it is done is explained below.