What is Bonding?
Bonding is the general name of local composite filling applications to complete the visual integrity of the tooth in an aesthetic way.

Bonding is among the treatment methods of smile aesthetics.

In which cases the treatment is carried out;

  • If there is a gap between the teeth
  • If there is a dark area in the patient’s teeth that negatively affects their smile and facial expressions
  • If the patient has broken teeth
    In cases where it is desired to avoid aesthetic laminate teeth and zirconium tooth coating methods, we achieve clinically very successful and aesthetic results with bonding treatment.

Local application of aesthetic dental filling makes other advanced smile aesthetic methods such as zirconium crown teeth, lamina or leaf veneer teeth applied to the entire surface unnecessary in certain cases. In this way, smile aesthetics is completed by eliminating minor aesthetic problems with a much more practical technique with aesthetic tooth filling. In the area where the aesthetic tooth filling will be applied, the small gaps are polished and the tooth is protected. Then, the aesthetic dental filling material, which is obtained with advanced techniques that is compatible with the color of the tooth, is applied by shaping the area by a sculptor, without touching your tooth and without any abrasion. Aesthetic tooth filling is completed in a few hours in a single session. Since the tooth is not abraded during the treatment, anesthesia is not required and individuals do not feel any pain or ache.

Bonding Treatment
In general, no cutting or surface abrasion is applied to the teeth in aesthetic filling applications. In this way, the structure of your teeth is preserved with aesthetic filling treatment; The bonding aesthetic filling made with composite filling material shows an integrity with your own tooth and provides an indistinguishable appearance. Just as your own teeth are subject to staining and yellowing over time if the necessary care and cleaning are not provided, similar situations occur after the bonding application. For this reason, apart from the care you show for your own teeth after the treatment, not neglecting the necessary clinical examinations will be decisive on the life of these teeth and their aesthetic appearance in the mouth.

Just as your own teeth, whose necessary clinical examinations are not interrupted, continue to exist in your mouth in a healthy way, your teeth made with bonding aesthetic fillings will continue to exist in your mouth without any difference.