With the discourse of implant in one day, we are talking about an important development in dentistry.
Because it is compatible with the mouth structure like natural teeth in terms of both aesthetic appearance and chewing function. We make aesthetic implant teeth that will stay in the mouth for a lifetime in harmony with the face, which is the showcase of our body and soul. With today’s technological innovations and advances, beyond simply being a dental treatment; they exhibit a harmonic and aesthetic stance in the mouth.

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Teeth on Implant in One Day
Implant treatment applied in one day has become much more functional and aesthetic with the technological advances made over time and the measurements performed in the digital field, and its durability has increased at the same rate; At the same time, extended treatment times have now been realized even in one day. In other words, it is possible to place both implants and teeth on these implants on the same day. In addition, with these digital measurements and configurations, we can perform all the necessary stages of implant treatment in one day.

How is an Implant Made in One Day?
With the possibilities and methods of digital aesthetic dentistry, it is now technically possible to place an implant in one day and put a tooth on the implant in the same day.

Implant Advantages in 1 Day
Technological measurement and imaging devices are used at all stages of treatment with the technical possibilities and methods used within the scope of digital dentistry. The current state of the patient’s mouth, teeth and bones with 3-D technology; The soft and hard tissues around the tooth are scanned with digital measuring instruments and transferred to the computer environment in three dimensions.

How to Prepare an Implant in 1 Day?
Implants are prepared according to the measurements taken. A smile design is made with the teeth whose color and shape are determined in the computer environment. If agreed with the patient, teeth are prepared with very delicate procedures in the laboratory environment; After the implant is placed, teeth are placed on it. As you can see, aesthetic implant treatment is a process that requires separate preparation for each stage before application, and we can do all these procedures clinically in one day.

same day implant
The infrastructure of digital dentistry consists of three-dimensional measurements and technological devices. In this way, possible errors in mouth measurements are eliminated; one-to-one treatment materials are prepared according to mouth measurement; Thanks to the tooth form designed in the digital environment, the patient can get an idea of ​​the image that will occur after the treatment.

In this respect, digital dentistry actually provides our patients with the opportunity to rehearse about the possible appearance of their teeth, just as they try on an outfit. The patient’s expectations and possibilities are applied in the digital environment and a conclusion is reached. For this reason, we do not only build the technical structure of the operation with digital dentistry. At the same time, it gives our patients an aesthetic smile in one day as well as the implant in one day.

Implant Application in One Day
Implant Application in One Day
If you apply to our clinic, we first analyze your oral and dental condition with a digital method; In cases such as missing a single tooth, it is possible to have your implant tooth placed on the same day you come to the clinic. However, if more than one implant will be applied and other treatments are required, it may be necessary for a few weeks. Implant placement on the same day and placing the tooth on the implant on the same day can be applied in most of our patients if the patient’s mouth bone if he is in good health.

As a result of these analyzes, we decide what kind of treatment will be applied and how many stages it will consist of. 3-5 days after this meeting, the implant and teeth will probably be placed in your mouth, but the point that should not be overlooked is the size of the problems the case has. If more than one implant is to be applied and other pre-treatments are required before the implant application, this process may take up to a few weeks. In general, we can say that we apply implant treatment to almost all our patients (including diabetics, cancer patients) who apply to our clinic.

Implant and New Teeth in 1 Day
Clinically, we recommend one-day tooth extraction and implant placement treatments, and even these applications are our primary advice in tooth loss. But you will appreciate that there may be some infectious diseases that cause tooth extraction; Antibiotic therapy may be necessary.

Therefore, such conditions should be treated clinically before the implant procedure. In addition, if there is loss of bone tissue and the bones are not suitable for implant treatment, a suitable ground should be prepared for the implant process with treatments for bone and tissue formation.

Implant and Teeth Price in 1 Day
Your technological infrastructure must be suitable for implant treatment on the same day. This makes it easier for you to perform a more refined operation. This increases the cost of treatment. This increases the cost since the tooth is responded with treatment on the same day in order to compensate for the tooth.

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