Pink Aesthetics
Pink aesthetic means a gum operation performed in a cosmetic sense within the scope of aesthetic dentistry treatment. The gums are like a framework that surrounds the teeth and determines their appearance.

Healthy gums are indispensable for an aesthetic smile. In addition to healthy gums, this framework also needs to wrap the teeth symmetrically and in the desired shape.

Pink Aesthetics; It reflects the relationship of teeth with lips and other teeth for an aesthetic smile. In addition, the relationship of the teeth with the gums and the gums with the lips is also very important.

It is important that the gums lie symmetrically and aligned between the teeth and fully fill the interdental spaces. Thanks to this, we can talk about an aesthetic smile with properly framed teeth.

Healthy gingiva is pink in color, with sharp borders, tight consistency, non-bleeding and has a slightly rough texture.

The better the gum health, the more aesthetic and beautiful it looks. However, in some cases, although the gums are healthy and the alignment of the teeth is ideal, an aesthetic appearance cannot be obtained due to the irregularities in the gums. In such cases, gingival aesthetics is applied.

Pink Aesthetic Interventions
Procedures such as removing deformities and asymmetries in the gums (gingival manicure), removing too much of the gums during smiling-gummy smile- and removing the discolored areas in the gums are interventions for pink aesthetics.

The aim of these operations is to have healthy gums in terms of color and consistency, and to create a frame that captures the ratio that will provide an aesthetic appearance in existing or future teeth with these healthy gums.

Thanks to the establishment of this frame and the aspect ratios of the teeth to be made close to the ideal, an aesthetic and more pleasant smile is obtained.

How to Make Pink Aesthetics?
Pink aesthetic procedures are small surgical operations that are completely painless thanks to advanced anesthesia techniques. Gums that return to normal within 1 week are finalized in almost all patients without the need for additional intervention.

The aesthetic framework envisaged for the teeth to be made after the healing process is thus prepared.

Gum aesthetics and gingival interventions are not just a procedure performed in mouths where lamina or zirconium coating will be applied. Sometimes, it is possible to achieve the desired and ideal appearance with this simple operation in aesthetic disorders where all teeth and tooth alignment are suitable but only due to asymmetry at the gingival margins.