A Dental Aesthetics Treatment Method: Braces Treatment
The elements that provide the integrity of the smile design and aesthetic teeth are just like the instruments that make up a unique musical piece. Just as these instruments create a harmony when they are performed in harmony with each other, aesthetically aligned teeth, healthy and aesthetic gums, a beautiful lip and jaw structure come together to reveal a unique smile.

If we consider the tooth alignment alone, being in the right position in terms of aesthetic appearance and not being in a crooked structure are the qualities necessary to ensure dental aesthetics. Disorders in the alignment of the teeth will also cause aesthetic problems in the gums. In addition, the formation of tartar is also possible, as the teeth that overlap as a result of crowding are suitable for bacterial accumulation.

This will trigger bad breath and caries formation. As can be seen, the problem of dental crowding does not only lead to negative results in terms of aesthetics; It also prepares the ground for diseases that may be a threat to oral and dental health.

How To Resolve Tooth Crowding?
At this point, orthodontic treatments come into play in the first place; such as invisible braces, porcelain braces treatment, invisalign braces treatment. First of all, in cases where such treatments are insufficient, smile designs made with porcelain lamina veneer or leaf porcelain teeth and zirconium-coated teeth can also achieve an aesthetic appearance and eliminate crowding.

Thanks to these treatments, the teeth to which force is applied by the braces take their correct positions; clutter is removed; By closing the gaps between the teeth, possible dental and gum diseases are prevented.

As the DentNis family, we professionally determine and apply the most suitable method for you, taking into account both your health and aesthetic concerns.