Smile Design

Smile Design is to replace the existing dental hospital with a dentistry for a more aesthetic and more natural appearance in the past. Aesthetic Smile Design is an action in a direction that most clearly reveals the extensions of emotional diversity and our emotional state. However, it is the most important communication tool that is or should be in harmony with the structure of our facial features.

Under the name of Smile Aesthetics, all surgical procedures for teeth and gums, all interventions made with aesthetic evaluations are treatments to achieve the most beautiful smiles. The aesthetic appearance of the teeth is aimed with the applications to be made with the “White Aesthetics”. With Pink Aesthetics, it is aimed to give an aesthetic appearance to the gums.

Smile Design and Facial Aesthetics

By evaluating the characteristic structure of the face; A personalized aesthetic smile is designed by aiming to be in harmony with the eyes, skin color and lip structure. In our clinic, our treatment methods and technical infrastructure for smile aesthetics are very strong. Thanks to the Smile Design, a special smile is targeted for each of our patients and the necessary treatment process is initiated to achieve this aesthetic smile result.

Although this process is a series of treatments and operations, it is essentially an artistic process. A beautiful and aesthetic smile that we bring to a person in the process of smile design is also to make an aesthetic touch to his life and to add beauty to his life. We aim for our patients who come to our clinic for smile aesthetics to have an aesthetic smile as much as they care about their own smile.

Aesthetic Smile Design
Smile design does not only provide individuals with a healthy and aesthetic smile. It also allows him to reflect his mental state and happiness, joy and satisfaction to the outside world in the most aesthetic and impressive way, with a clear expression.

If the individual has a dental and oral problem in an aesthetic sense, this situation causes him to put barriers between himself and his environment and to feel inadequate in terms of self-confidence. In fact, over time, these individuals may restrict their smiles and suppress all their sincerity as a result of these feelings.

In this context, smile design and pink aesthetics are not just a local aesthetic operation. Smile Design is aesthetic interventions that also touch the emotional states of individuals. Smile Design is an aesthetic dentistry treatment procedure that makes your current dental condition look more aesthetically pleasing and more natural.

With the treatments performed within the body of zirconium tooth coating, porcelain lamina veneer or leaf porcelain tooth, bonding filling, artenemal technique and implant treatments and other aesthetic dentistry, the self-confidence lost with the aesthetic smile is also given back to the patients.

What are Smile Design Treatment Methods?
In Smile Design, there is a healthy tooth and gingival structure in the background of an aesthetic smile. The aesthetic appearance of the teeth and gums of individuals also shows that they have a healthy oral structure, teeth and gums. A mouth structure that has lost its health is insufficient to exhibit an aesthetically beautiful appearance. At this point, white aesthetic and pink aesthetic treatment methods come into play. It is the general name of all smile aesthetics and smile design treatment methods for white aesthetic teeth.

Smile Design And Our Options
Individuals can apply to pink aesthetic and white aesthetic treatment methods to feel better and have an aesthetic smile. In this direction, we clinically apply some surgical and non-surgical treatment methods so that our patients can achieve a healthy and aesthetically successful smile.

White Aesthetics
The main white aesthetic treatment methods that we apply in our clinic for both oral health and aesthetic integrity;

Within the scope of smile design, we apply methods such as zirconium dental veneer treatment, bonding, implant in one day, laminated tooth veneer or leaf porcelain tooth, artenemal bonding technique. Tartar problems, which are directly related to dental and gingival health and cause extremely serious problems in terms of both pink aesthetics and white aesthetics, are eliminated with some interventions. Within the scope of the smile design treatment process, successful results are obtained in the name of aesthetic appearance by applying whitening processes to the tooth surface. All these operations help our patients regain their lost self-confidence, remove the barriers to their smiles and enable them to have the aesthetic smile they have been longing for.

Smile Design Applications
We show the same sensitivity to gingival aesthetics as we clinically show to dental health and aesthetic appearance. We apply various methods to provide smile aesthetics of our patients with pink aesthetic treatment methods. Gums are the vital areas of the teeth that protect and nourish the roots of the teeth. Many dental aesthetics and smile aesthetic problems are caused by problems in the gums. These problems, on the other hand, make pink aesthetic treatments necessary due to the aesthetic losses caused in the gingiva.

Again, a gingiva that has lost its retention due to wear or other reasons has difficulty holding the teeth in its body. As a result of this, a negative image appears in terms of dental aesthetics and smile aesthetics, as the teeth will wobble or lose. Since the recessions and meltdowns in the gingiva will also disrupt the linear line at the junction of the tooth and the gingiva, it also shadows the aesthetic appearance of the teeth and the aesthetics of the smile.

All these negative gingival conditions cause the gingiva to lose its aesthetic appearance. This is where the concept of “Pink Aesthetics” comes into play. If we accept the gums as a basic structure in which the teeth live, we will have chosen the simplest and most accurate expression to emphasize the importance of pink aesthetics. In that case, it will be a very healthy approach for patients to preserve this basic structure in the best way and to benefit from professional clinical interventions within certain periods.

Smile Design and Aesthetic Appearance
Healthy and aesthetic-looking teeth are surrounded by healthy gums like himself. The mouth and its aesthetic stance become the key point on the face in expressing the correct meaning in terms of speech and sound formation in the mimics that individuals exhibit at all times and assume a decisive role in their communication.

The unhealthy state of a limb, which is of such importance in human life, also creates vital disruptions. A problem that may cause individuals to change their eating habits, in fact, can lead individuals to vital restrictions.

Smile Design and Gum Retraction
A gingival recession or recession, unhealthy appearance of gingival color causes every individual to worry; It threatens individuals in terms of aesthetics as well as negative consequences in terms of health.

A line or misalignment in the gums indicates that something is wrong, no matter how good our teeth are. In addition, the excessive appearance of the gums of individuals during smiling and the asymmetrical appearance of the gums are the problems that need to be eliminated with pink aesthetic treatment.

In such cases, we give priority to the comfort of our patients in our clinic in Nişantaşı, as in all our operations. We design the unique aesthetic smile of our patients by achieving aesthetic and successful results. In this context, we perform all necessary white aesthetic and pink aesthetic applications regarding the mouth and smile aesthetics of our patients.