What is Bad Breath?
Bad breath is actually an element that can be much more attractive than the image or create the opposite effect. People’s tastes are shaped by visuals. When examining their environment, individuals first consider their aesthetic appearance and have an opinion about mouth odours. After the visual elements, mouth odors come into play.

For example; There is a type of memory called olfactory memory in humans, and individuals can identify certain experiences or concepts to which they attribute value with characteristic odors in their minds. Smell, which is so important in human life, can sometimes be the main reason for negative situations.

Bad breath, which can make the lives of individuals unhappy and limit their social lives, is actually a problem that can be included in the oral problems that cause aesthetic deprivation; because bad breath is a dental health and dental aesthetic problem that must be treated absolutely. Yes, when smile aesthetics is mentioned, we come across a concrete aesthetic appearance, but if a mouth with an aesthetic appearance emits a bad smell, this situation will be more prominent and will overshadow that aesthetic smile.

How Does Bad Breath Occur?
Individuals should refrain from communicating with the individuals around them in their social environment or professional life, expressing their feelings and thoughts orally, even in public transportation, from disturbing the individuals in front of bad breath; Because just as it is not right to disturb other individuals by making noise pollution, it is also a wrong behavior to expose people to bad breath.

For this reason, individuals who have problems due to bad breath should overcome this problem with clinical treatments in terms of norms in social life. Otherwise, they may be isolated from their social circle. For this reason, individuals in this situation may feel emotionally insecure and inadequate; Unless they can overcome the bad breath problem, they may try to isolate themselves as a solution. However, it should be known that bad breath is a problem that can be solved if the right treatment is applied.

Causes of Bad Breath

  • Irregular oral care and carelessness about oral hygiene
  • Calculus formation on and around the teeth
  • Caries in the tooth
  • Tooth or gingivitis
  • Wisdom teeth that have not fully erupted and are under the gums
  • Veneers that are incompatible with the gums
  • Decreased salivation due to various diseases
  • Crowding in the tooth structure

Secondary Causes of Bad Breath

  • Diabetes
  • stomach ailments
  • Liver diseases
  • throat infections
  • Sinusitis
  • Deficiency of vitamins A and B12 and iron-zinc minerals

How is Bad Breath Treated?
In general, the problem of condensation of bacteria in the mouth lies on the basis of bad breath. Bacteria, on the other hand, inhabit the mouths where dental calculus and food residues are present. We strongly recommend that individuals who have bad breath problems get professional support; because it is a treatable problem and clinical support should be sought to prevent both social and physiological damage. If calculus or caries are present in the mouth, clinical treatments should be applied. In this regard, we, as the Medxdent family, are always ready to support you with our professional methods for the solution of your bad breath or different mouth and dental aesthetics, smile design problems in our clinic in Nişantaşı.