Do You Have Concerns About Root Canal Treatment?
Root canal treatment dental operations are the nightmare of many individuals. Especially rumors that are not based on any reality cause a prejudiced approach to dental operations in individuals and people avoid treatments because of these fears. However, as long as there is no realistic basis, the fears against dental operations, like other fears, are extremely unfounded. Because technological and clinical advances have made many treatments extremely painless, extremely comfortable and short-term procedures.

Of course, root canal treatment, which is one of the dental treatment methods, now has a more trouble-free treatment process in the light of these developments. Moreover, the anesthesia procedures we apply in the treatments make the operation painless and painless. As Medxdent, all the treatments we apply in our clinic have a process that is as comfortable as possible for you, our patients.

As in all our clinical surgical operations, we numb the operation area with local anesthesia before root canal treatment. We disinfect the root canal by removing the dental nerves in the area that we are sure is sufficiently numb.

Then we fill the area with tissue-friendly and impermeable material, which is the most effective factor determining the success of root canal treatment. After the canal is refilled, we complete the treatment by restoring the tooth that has lost tissue on it.

In which situations is root canal therapy applied?
As the cavities and inflammations in the teeth progress, they cause the risk of losing the tooth as a result of reaching the dental nerves. At this stage, treatment applications aimed at keeping the tooth in the area instead of pulling the diseased tooth will be more accurate approaches. The desired result with root canal treatment is to preserve the tooth in the mouth and to restore the functions of the teeth with the necessary restorations.

Clinically, we see it as a correct approach to keep the tooth in the mouth instead of pulling it out due to any tissue loss or inflammation around the tooth. With root canal treatment, we aim to restore the tooth that is in danger of being lost in a healthy way. From this point of view, we can say that root canal treatment is a treatment aimed at preserving the tooth at risk in the mouth.

Which Problems Can Be Prevented With Root Canal Treatment?
As you can appreciate, a bruise or inflammation in the mouth will bring along many health and dental aesthetic problems. Bad breath, gingival diseases, inflammation of the tooth spreading to the bone and resulting tissue loss. There will also be severe toothache, which is the most obvious and most disturbing health problem. If these stages are reached, the treatment process will become more complicated, as dental diseases will become more in-depth.

So, is root canal treatment more frightening or other discomforts that will occur with the delay of treatment? Of course, since root canal treatment is a preventive procedure that has nothing to fear, it will eliminate all your worries and eliminate other health risks. If you need this treatment, you can apply to your doctor with peace of mind and confidence.