What is Oral Diagnosis?
Oral diagnosis; Oral diagnosis means “oral diagnosis” in Latin. It is the clinical stage in which the unique conditions of individuals are evaluated. Oral Diagnosis; Oral diagnosis; Oral diagnosis and Radiology Latin “Oral diagnosis” is the stage in which the treatment plans are determined after the condition of the teeth and tissues around the teeth, jawbone joints are evaluated in terms of function, aesthetics and physical condition and the condition is determined. At this stage, radiological examination methods, aesthetic smile analysis methods, mock-up applications, photo shoots are used as auxiliary methods. After all these evaluations, the treatment plan is determined, the required time is determined, and the treatment details are presented to the patient’s approval. As the Medxdent family, we stand by our patients professionally with our efforts to create the most ideal treatment plan for our patients who apply to our clinic.

What are the Causes of Orthodontic Problems?
Orthodontic problems both negatively affect the general oral aesthetics of individuals and cause disruptions in chewing function. In addition to finding themselves inadequate in terms of aesthetic expectations, individuals will also experience losses in their quality of life due to chewing disorders. There are many factors that trigger orthodontic problems, but the most common factor is the premature loss of milk teeth. In addition, genetic factors also cause orthodontic problems. Milk teeth that are lost without waiting for the permanent teeth to erupt cause the other teeth in the mouth to become crooked. As a result of this crowding, permanent teeth cannot make a healthy release in the mouth and further reinforce the existing crowding. In the same way, permanent teeth that are lost in the future cause the other teeth to slide into the space to be formed. This type of tooth loss is the main cause of orthodontic problems.