Hollywood Smile

Hollywood smile design, that is, hollywood smile design, is a set of aesthetic interventions made specifically for the individual.

Hollywood Smile Design (Hollywood Smile Design, Hollywood Smile); The concept of star is used for celebrities. The use of this concept is related to the state of artistic radiance that we feel in famous people, but whose source we cannot fully identify. The moment when this radiant state reaches its peak is the moments of smiling. In order to emphasize this glow in the direction of being mediatic, star people or star candidates often want to clarify and reveal the sparkle in their smiles, actually based on this situation. Patients and individuals express their expectation to create these radiant smiles as I want a Hollywood Smile. Aiming to create a white, sparkling smile while creating a Hollywood Smile requires touches that are necessary at the peak of a very sensitive and aesthetic perception. Contrary to what is believed, this sparkle is not just pure white teeth, on the contrary, reducing the Hollywood smile to white teeth may result in an artificial appearance that we do not find aesthetically pleasing. .

While planning the smile design of the patient who comes with the Hollywood Smile request, it gives us important information about the harmony of this design with the patient’s personality. In Hollywood Smile design, this information is of vital importance to us. Hollywood smile design is a set of aesthetic interventions made specifically for the individual with this approach.