What is Art Enemal Bonding Technique?
Art Enamel Bonding Technique, Art Enamel Bonding Method “What are your expectations from aesthetic dental treatments and smile design techniques?” The question is generally answered as having a bright and impressive smile and white teeth with artistic touches that complement the harmony of the face. So, what is the basic element that provides this harmony in the smile? Of course, the designed smile and teeth are natural looking; indistinguishable from your own teeth. It is quite possible to achieve these results with bonding aesthetic filling and art enamel bonding technique.

What kind of result is obtained?
Arter enemal technique is compatible with anterior teeth in terms of material and technical structure. It is a technique used in the treatment of local tooth cavities, caries and in the treatment stages of smile aesthetic design. It provides very successful results in terms of dental aesthetics, especially by imitating the form and enamel structure of the anterior teeth.

Artenemal; It is a concept created by combining the words artificial (artificial) and enamelisation (natural formation phase of tooth enamel); With this technique, the enamel layer that forms the tooth surface is replaced with artenemal, which has the ability to imitate enamel. In this way, we provide an aesthetic integrity indistinguishable from the teeth that have been intervened, thanks to the professional methods we apply in our clinic in Nişantaşı, you will be included in the harmony of your face and you will shine with your smile.

Artenamel method (artenemal bonding) If you want a beautiful smile with bright white teeth in a very short time, you can achieve this with the Artenamel process. Did you know that if your gums are healthy, you can do this in as little as a week? Art enamel consists of the terms artificial (artificial) and enamel (the natural stage in which tooth enamel forms). With this process, the enamel that forms the surface of the tooth is replaced by Artenamel, which is produced to imitate tooth enamel. In this way, the shape of the teeth can be changed in the desired color and size, and a long-awaited aesthetic smile is obtained. The purpose of this process is to model the tooth aesthetically without harming its health. Did you know that we can create beautiful smiles in a week for people with healthy gums?