What is Anti-Aging Dentistry?
As you get older, signs of aging appear in the face and chin area, just like our entire body. With the erosion of the teeth, the distance between the two jaws decreases and a more collapsed concave appearance occurs on the face. As the support is lost on the lips and cheeks, the appearance of wrinkles is accelerated. In addition to these changes in soft tissues, the thickened dentin layer and thinning of the enamel cause the teeth to appear darker. It is the subject of anti-aging dentistry to compensate for these losses and to erase the traces of time.

With the Aesthetic Laminate treatment, the lost size can be regained, and you will achieve a smile design with healthier and whiter smiles. Whitening treatment, on the other hand, gives good results only on teeth that prevent an aesthetic smile in terms of color.

How to Be Young with Anti Aging Dentistry?
Cosmetic medicine uses dental procedures to change the way your teeth support your facial structure and give you a younger-looking smile. A non-surgical facelift with long-lasting results!

Some anti-aging dental procedures may include:

porcelain veneers

Same Day Laminated Teeth


dental implants

Teeth whitening

Your treatment plan may include one or more of the above, depending on your particular situation.

Anti-aging dentistry often involves a combination of veneers or crowns with treatment options. Some patients may need four veneers on their front teeth to achieve better lip support and a better smile. Some patients may need ten (or more) overlays for the entire smile line to appear properly. Sometimes the patient clenches his teeth so short that they appear too short, and his lips and cheeks appear sunken. In this case, the dentist will need to work on the entire mouth. The dentist may use crowns and veneers on all teeth to restore the original length before starting the procedure. This provides the patient with a better appearance and reduced lines in the lip corners.